SterTell is a global telecommunication company

Facts & Figures

Communication habits are evolving, driving A2P SMS to the fore as the leading tool for customer engagement.

How can SterTell add value to your business?

The time people spend using their mobile phone is increasing with each passing year.

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Let us assist your company to

  • Povide SMS Spam detection
  • Pevent traffic leakage
  • Povide SIM box detection
  • Provide Grey route detection
  • Transform losses into revenues

We Are Experts & Enablers of A2P Messaging

Technology is developing exponentially, delivering new possibilities and posing new challenges.

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We Are Providing For Traffic Enabling & Self-Commitment to New Technologies

SterTell provides its partners with the latest A2P SMS (Application-to-Person SMS) technology, which enables them to send A2P SMS messages around the world via our direct and indirect connections with aggregators.

We Are Providing for Traffic delivery & Protection A2P Monetization and Protection

Stertell shares its established provider relationships with partners in order to guarantee success in enterprise messaging.

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