Messaging Services

SterTell is a robust, high-performance and easy-to-use multi-channel messaging platform for management of global, multi-channel communication flow, backed up by a comprehensive mobile delivery network, able to manage any volume of messages

SMS Traffic Management

The SterTell SMS platform is the perfect solution for protecting an operator’s network from unnecessary load, while monetizing A2P SMS traffic inflow and preventing fraud

Targeted SMS

This feature enables you to send the RIGHT MESSAGE to the RIGHT PEOPLE at the RIGHT TIME and at the RIGHT PRICE! This enables enterprises to leverage their own customer database to distribute trigger-based, personalized SMS messages that are both relevant and timely, achieve efficient customer engagement and retention

Stertell SMS Campaign Portal

Stertell SMS Campaign Portal is a fully-featured campaign manager for sending personalized and timely messages via multiple channels like SMS, Telegram, Viber and WhatsApp, etc. With its simple interface, powerful options, and the flexibility to choose your messaging provider, it is ideal for businesses of all types and sizes that look to reach their clients anywhere, anytime.

Stertell SMS Platform

Multi-rank solutions for messaging business

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